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Residenza Femminamorta - Carruba di Riposto (CT) - Sicily
Address: SP 2 I-II, (Strada Provinciale per Riposto n. 188) Strada IV, Contrada Femminamorta
Gps: 37.677085, 15.188170
Tel: +39 3287534162
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Femminamorta is the name of the patronal house that host the Azienda Agricola San Martino. It takes its name from the old district where it stands, which was the scene of ancient legends. The villa, with an 18th century millstone, was the grape harvest house of Baron Pennisi Di Floristella, but later was abandoned due to the Messina earthquake in 1908. Resurrected in the early 90's thanks to the dedication and love of Paolo and Mme Marie-Luce, appears to be a timeless place immersed in the greenery of a typical Mediterranean park and organized by mixing ancient spirit and contemporary comfort with original charm. Today, with a spontaneous and creative spirit, the farm combines agricultural activity with hospitality, opening its doors to wanderers sensitive to Beauty and Nature or on the occasion of creative, holistic and artistic Retreats and Residences. 10 rooms, obtained from the millstone, can accommodate up to 30 guests in the residence. The kitchen is equipped to prepare even for special occasions; the vegetable garden and orchard offer fresh delicacies at km 0; the cellar is the convivium but also the room suitable for small events and presentations; classes, workshops and laboratories find their ideal place in the parterre surrounded by the garden, which allows you to dance or meditate with a view of Mount Etna; the park to immerse yourself in nature or in the pool in a tropical atmosphere; the patio to the east suggests saluting to the sun or singing and playing to the moon.
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