Association Afro DanzandoThe Etna Afro Festival was born from a common idea developed by two artists from different cultures: Marina Cannavò, Sicilian, pedagogist, cultural mediator and teacher of African dance and Mohamed Med Camara, a Guinean percussionist residing in Nantes (FR).
The festival attracts fans of West African music and dance from various parts of Italy and abroad and aims to enhance diversity through dance and music. The knowledge of the other "different from us" entails a personal enrichment in terms of cultural and social differences, as well as the abatement of fears that can arise when empathy towards the foreigner is not developed and racist attitudes or positions are defeated and xenophobic. A climate of communion between the different realities, also lived in a playful way, will lead to respect for diversity and, why not, also to love them.
In a territory such as Sicily, a crossroads of migrants, for a peaceful coexistence between peoples, a moment like this is of fundamental importance so that it becomes a food for thought and a moment of encounter and inclusion.